Tips to Decorating Your Bedroom Shelves

Tips to Decorating Your Bedroom Shelves

Bedroom shelves are versatile and have many uses in adult, kids, and guest bedrooms. Despite the main function being storage, you can also use shelves to decorate your space without doing too much. Here is how you can decorate your bedroom shelves:

Display Special Items

If you have any cherished or valuable items in your space, you can arrange them on your bedroom shelves for storage but still serve a purpose for decor. Special items could be anything from trophies to family ornaments, and other items passed down from older generations that need a place to store.

Fill in Empty Spaces

Shelves look better when they have items on them. As much as you don’t want to fill up your shelf space with random objects, each shelf tier should at least have a decorative item so that you don’t have empty gaps. You can use small plants, picture frames, books, candles, and more to occupy blank spaces if you do not have knick-knacks to fill up the whole area.

Add Height

Shelves spread across the length of a wall, which is why adding some height is important. Size creates a visual balance, and all you need to do is add items with a little extra height to cater to this need. Candle holders and long vases are examples of long things you can use on your shelf to give an illusion of height. Tylko has many shelf designs that cater to decor pieces and you can check them for more bedroom shelves decoration ideas:


Colors make a huge difference in interior design. It takes more than just picking out items and placing them on a shelf to achieve a [pleasing aesthetic. The colors of the frame and on the shelf must complement the rest of the room. You can go with decor pieces that match the colors in the room or become a little adventurous and add extra color. Either way, the colors on the shelf should not exceed three colors to maintain a refined, luxe, and classy appearance.


Mixing textures bring about a big difference when decorating any space. It helps breaks the monotony and is a fun way to incorporate more pieces into the shelf. You can combine materials and fabrics for an appealing finish. Some good examples include woven baskets, wooden carvings, soapstone artifacts, mirrors, glass vases, shells, fresh or dried plants, and more. Texture allows you to be creative in space without compromising on the beauty of the area.