Designer Tips For A Stunning Living Room Arrangement

Designer Tips For A Stunning Living Room Arrangement

Living Room Furniture and Arrangements are like so much puzzle to people who do not have experience doing it. Living Room Layouts and Furniture arrangements such as Arrangements make it look like a jigsaw puzzle to people who do not have experience doing it. There is a right way and a wrong way that all the parts fit together just right that makes the whole room look and feel perfect. However, if you have all the parts put together in the wrong way it just never really ends up looking exactly the way you would like it to. Here is some designer tips for a stunning living room arrangement.

First off, you must choose furniture placement based on where your main focal point is. If you are having an ocean-front view then you would want the center pieces to be near the front door and the windows because the bigger the room the bigger the pieces of furniture you need to have. Having a straight path from the door to the windows with a shorter path going from the window to the sofa and chairs, will help in giving your guests the feeling that everything is in one big circle. When walking through your house or room, make sure you have a straight path from your chair to the sofa and from the sofa to the rest of the furniture and also have a shorter path going from one room to another.

Secondly, arranging furniture around the focal point will create conversation areas or conversation corners. In our example above, having the chairs and tables set in the middle of the living room will create conversation areas. By having the middle of the room as your focal point you will not only create conversation areas but also help to unclutter your house. I can go on about how to arrange furniture around your focal point but I think you get the point. Sometimes it’s hard to move furniture but when done right, all of that can be done rather easily. And it makes for an easier clean up.

Third, sometimes having a few small living rooms just so that there is more space available to you and that you can make smaller arrangements easier to do will be beneficial. The small living room that has a fireplace and a coffee table and chair set up may only need a few of those small furniture pieces but three or four would be nice. It also doesn’t hurt to have a few accent pieces. A glass coffee table or a crystal chandelier is always nice. Having matching furniture pieces that match in color, style, and design can also make a space look bigger.

When buying your living room furniture to keep in mind the height of your sofa and chairs. Usually tall furniture will be sitting high on the floor. So, to keep that from being a tripping hazard, put longer pieces on the floor such as a sofa. Also remember that the back of the sofa and chairs should be padded. Long legs may trip over those legs and that could cause injury.

Another tip is to have a variety of small pieces on hand rather than just one or two large pieces. Having small sofa and chairs and perhaps a side table will give you more flexibility. Or you may want to consider putting a small sectional sofa with chairs in front of your large furniture pieces. This will allow you to open up the room and have more room to move around. And you don’t even need to have a big area to open up because having a few extra feet will help.