Designer Tips For A Stunning Living Room Arrangement

Designer Tips For A Stunning Living Room Arrangement

Living Room Furniture and Arrangements are like so much puzzle to people who do not have experience doing it. Living Room Layouts and Furniture arrangements such as Arrangements make it look like a jigsaw puzzle to people who do not have experience doing it. There is a right way and a wrong way that all the parts fit together just right that makes the whole room look and feel perfect. However, if you have all the parts put together in the wrong way it just never really ends up looking exactly the way you would like it to. Here is some designer tips for a stunning living room arrangement.

First off, you must choose furniture placement based on where your main focal point is. If you are having an ocean-front view then you would want the center pieces to be near the front door and the windows because the bigger the room the bigger the pieces of furniture you need to have. Having a straight path from the door to the windows with a shorter path going from the window to the sofa and chairs, will help in giving your guests the feeling that everything is in one big circle. When walking through your house or room, make sure you have a straight path from your chair to the sofa and from the sofa to the rest of the furniture and also have a shorter path going from one room to another.

Secondly, arranging furniture around the focal point will create conversation areas or conversation corners. In our example above, having the chairs and tables set in the middle of the living room will create conversation areas. By having the middle of the room as your focal point you will not only create conversation areas but also help to unclutter your house. I can go on about how to arrange furniture around your focal point but I think you get the point. Sometimes it’s hard to move furniture but when done right, all of that can be done rather easily. And it makes for an easier clean up.

Third, sometimes having a few small living rooms just so that there is more space available to you and that you can make smaller arrangements easier to do will be beneficial. The small living room that has a fireplace and a coffee table and chair set up may only need a few of those small furniture pieces but three or four would be nice. It also doesn’t hurt to have a few accent pieces. A glass coffee table or a crystal chandelier is always nice. Having matching furniture pieces that match in color, style, and design can also make a space look bigger.

When buying your living room furniture to keep in mind the height of your sofa and chairs. Usually tall furniture will be sitting high on the floor. So, to keep that from being a tripping hazard, put longer pieces on the floor such as a sofa. Also remember that the back of the sofa and chairs should be padded. Long legs may trip over those legs and that could cause injury.

Another tip is to have a variety of small pieces on hand rather than just one or two large pieces. Having small sofa and chairs and perhaps a side table will give you more flexibility. Or you may want to consider putting a small sectional sofa with chairs in front of your large furniture pieces. This will allow you to open up the room and have more room to move around. And you don’t even need to have a big area to open up because having a few extra feet will help.

Great Ideas to Consider When Choosing a Wardrobe

Great Ideas to Consider When Choosing a Wardrobe

The bedroom is vital in every dwelling unit, and it needs to be well furnished and maintained. Hence, the need for a wardrobe. To make your bedroom stylish, elegant, and comfortable, you need a perfect piece that compliments the room.

The need for a wardrobe is thrilling in every home; however, the stress that comes with the hustle of finding a perfect piece is heart aching. Read on this article to get unique ideas for an excellent home wardrobe.

The space available

Before any step, you have to be sure of what you are going for. In this case, the measurements of your piece, the length, the width, and the height. It depends on the space available in your bedroom. If the open space is small, you need to adjust the measurements to have a perfect piece.

Having a piece that nicely fits the room makes it look organised and well managed. This saves you the space needed for navigation around the room.

The type of wardrobe

We have two types of wardrobe; free-standing and fitted. The free-standing is the one bought and is portable. At the same time, the fit is installed directly in the bedroom. They both play the same role and functionality.

The fitted wardrobe is best when your space is minimal and it works perfectly. For the free-standing, it gives you the freedom to choose the size of your wardrobe in regards to the space available. Tylko offers you the opportunity to choose from hundreds of their designs and sizes. Visit for more inspirations on the wardrobe types.

The purpose

We buy wardrobes with different intentions and purposes. Some go for storage, style, or the role it plays. Whichever purpose you intend, it’s acceptable. However, other wardrobes play more than one role.

For instance, the wardrobe with a mirror. It is a storage unit and also a dressing mirror in the bedroom. With this kind, it saves you time and money.

The storage space available

Different wardrobes are designed differently to meet the customer’s needs. There are ones fitted with shelves that hold a good number of clothes; others are fitted in columns with hangers- this an excellent way to help you organise and match your daily outfit. Other wardrobes are equipped with shoe storage space below, making them more reliable for all your clothing and foot wares.

Tips to Decorating Your Bedroom Shelves

Tips to Decorating Your Bedroom Shelves

Bedroom shelves are versatile and have many uses in adult, kids, and guest bedrooms. Despite the main function being storage, you can also use shelves to decorate your space without doing too much. Here is how you can decorate your bedroom shelves:

Display Special Items

If you have any cherished or valuable items in your space, you can arrange them on your bedroom shelves for storage but still serve a purpose for decor. Special items could be anything from trophies to family ornaments, and other items passed down from older generations that need a place to store.

Fill in Empty Spaces

Shelves look better when they have items on them. As much as you don’t want to fill up your shelf space with random objects, each shelf tier should at least have a decorative item so that you don’t have empty gaps. You can use small plants, picture frames, books, candles, and more to occupy blank spaces if you do not have knick-knacks to fill up the whole area.

Add Height

Shelves spread across the length of a wall, which is why adding some height is important. Size creates a visual balance, and all you need to do is add items with a little extra height to cater to this need. Candle holders and long vases are examples of long things you can use on your shelf to give an illusion of height. Tylko has many shelf designs that cater to decor pieces and you can check them for more bedroom shelves decoration ideas:


Colors make a huge difference in interior design. It takes more than just picking out items and placing them on a shelf to achieve a [pleasing aesthetic. The colors of the frame and on the shelf must complement the rest of the room. You can go with decor pieces that match the colors in the room or become a little adventurous and add extra color. Either way, the colors on the shelf should not exceed three colors to maintain a refined, luxe, and classy appearance.


Mixing textures bring about a big difference when decorating any space. It helps breaks the monotony and is a fun way to incorporate more pieces into the shelf. You can combine materials and fabrics for an appealing finish. Some good examples include woven baskets, wooden carvings, soapstone artifacts, mirrors, glass vases, shells, fresh or dried plants, and more. Texture allows you to be creative in space without compromising on the beauty of the area.

Wondering How to Choose the Best Chest of Drawers?

Wondering How to Choose the Best Chest of Drawers?

The chest  of drawers serves the basic purpose of storing clothes that need not use a hunger the likes of underwear, socks, vest among others. That however is not the whole reason for having one. They also enhance the looks of one’s bedroom giving it a generally beautiful look. So as to optimise on the storage and beauty of the chest drawers, the following are some of the points that you should consider so as to choose the best chest of drawers.

Functional use of the chest of drawers

While choosing a chest drawer the most important question is; what are the things that I intend to use the chest drawer for? Upon answering this question, it generally leads you to size. If your chest drawer is mainly for beauty a standard size is established and if its main purpose storage a general size is easily determined.

Size of the chest of drawers

The size of the drawer is of huge importance since it serves both serves for its basic function of storage and beauty. The size should be big enough not to be drowned by its surroundings. So, this means relative to the size of the room the size of the drawer changes. It also should not be too big to overshadow other parts of the decorations.

Style of the chest of drawers

These chest drawers are available in many styles in the market. When it comes to choosing your own style, it can be influenced by a number of reasons. This includes; The style used in other items in the bedroom. The style should complement other items in the bedroom. Individual preferences of style. The drawer should best suit the owner in regard to preference. It should be a expression of the individual while still complimenting other used woodworking the bedroom.


The cost of the drawer mainly depends on size, material used, detail level and premium drawer which are basically expensive. When it comes to the choice of the drawer based on material used, you should choose the material which again best pleases you without being on the extreme side of cost.

These are the most basic of things to consider that effectively guides one while choosing the best chest drawer. If u need to learn more on how to choose the best chest of drawers, visit Tylko shop.

Design Ideas for Family Friendly Living Rooms

Design Ideas for Family Friendly Living Rooms

Are you looking for some friendly living room design ideas? It’s always best to go with something you know and aren’t afraid of – like a kid-friendly rug! But if you’re not quite sure what to pick out for your little one’s room, here are some tips to help you along:

Keep scrolling through this article for 5 of our favorite kid-friendliest living room design ideas! Find a Coffee Table: Kids love to sit on the floor, playing with mommies and daddies’ stuff, and they also love using the coffee table as a way to flip channels, play games, or even just kick back. What better way to encourage your child to sit on the floor than by giving her a super-soft, comfortable sofa to lean back on? And don’t worry; coffee tables come in all different shapes and sizes to fit your space perfectly. Get one with an Ottoman for added comfort or try going without one, it’s up to you.

A Play Mat: Kids love activities, so why not have some fun ones? Look for designs that encourage interaction or that use materials that are durable and easy to clean. Check out durable acrylic materials, available in stripes or solid colors, that are safe and easy to clean and won’t tear easily. A fun activity mat can also double as a place to store toys and a place to set a glass of juice or milk (just make sure the mat is non-slip).

Postcards: Kids love to draw, so consider buying postcards with kid-safe designs or even ones that let them color in their own pictures. They’ll love having their own space in their living room and the nice thing about postcards is that you can buy them anywhere from coffee shops to online stores. Kids are creative and love to explore, so if you want to create a kid-friendly living room, go crazy when it comes to color. Find postcards in primary colors, such as yellows, blues and violets and a few bright colors, like pinks and purples.

Color Combinations: Don’t be afraid to mix and match colors. Bright oranges and bold reds are a popular choice for family friendly living room design, especially if you don’t plan to put the sofa or coffee table against a wall. You can also go with a bold sofa and a nice neutral painted coffee table, making a complete family friendly living room design. If you have more than two children, don’t forget the floor mats to keep them off the floor!

Eco-Friendly Living Room Furniture: The easiest and most affordable way to create a truly eco-friendly living room is to choose recycled materials whenever possible. If you have a green thumb, you’ll appreciate using all natural furniture instead of glues and plastics. In addition, you can always replace furniture when it gets worn out or stained, saving you money and helping the planet out at the same time. When you go green, you can feel good about inviting people over to your home. They’ll be able to tell that you take a lot of care for the environment.